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What are the benefits of lubricating miniature guide rails?

2021-12-10 16:02:53
The benefits of lubricating micro-rails
The guide rail is actually used to guide and fix mechanical parts or special equipment and instruments. Under the premise of bearing a certain torque, it can complete high-precision linear motion well. This process actually looks very simple, but after the actual operation, you will find that if you want this process to be smooth enough, it will not work without good lubrication. It is inevitable that various messy phenomena will occur in the process. The advantages of micro-rails after using lubrication are as follows: The following points.

1. Improved efficiency

Anyone who has studied physics knows that only by reducing the friction resistance can the driving power be reduced, thereby ensuring an increase in the driving speed. The effect of the lubricant is to reduce the friction resistance and ensure that the guide rail works in a state close to liquid friction.

2. Reduce wear

The wear of the miniature guide rail is reduced a lot, which is also the benefit of reducing friction.

3. Reduce thermal deformation

Friction generates heat, which is a natural physical phenomenon, and in the case of high-speed friction, it is easy to generate excessive heat, leading to the possibility of thermal deformation. With lubricant, this phenomenon is reduced.

4. Reduce crawling under heavy load

If the resistance is too large, isn't it easy to crawl, and if there is no lubricant, it may still produce excessive vibration during the work process.

In summary, it is self-evident that the lubricant plays a role in the miniature guide rail, and if the lubricant is used appropriately, it can also play a role in flushing the guide rail. Flowing lubricating oil is one of the most suitable products for cleaning rails, and it is important to reduce rail wear.